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Teuten Abogados is a firm of lawyers and notaries, which specialises in legal advice to both national and foreign companies and also to national and foreign individuals.

Our firm was founded in 2004 and since then has grown to satisfy the demands and requirements of a large number of national and International clients in different areas of law, but with special emphasis on all areas related to immigration (immigration formalities, permanent residence applications, temporary residence, fiscal residence), real estate transactions (including farmland), advice and assistance on relocation for foreigners arriving in our country, legal advice about obtaining citizenship for foreign legal residents.

The reasons for our firm having specialised in these areas of law relate to the strong and growing demand from businesses interested in setting up here, just for the Uruguayan market, or as a hub for their South American operations. For individuals, Uruguay has become of interest both to work and to retire. This has happened over the last 10 years, due to a mix of economic, social and political factors and the general characteristics of our country. It is for this reason that we have had to specialize in these areas, which previously were virtually unknown in our country and had little legal development, in order to be able to properly advise our clients and to be able to deal with the large number of enquiries received and which are indeed still growing.

For these reasons our firm has a Department dedicated exclusively to advising businesses and individuals in all aspects of immigration law and practice (applying for permanent residence, permanent residence from a Mercosur country, temporary residence, temporary residence from a Mercosur country, obtaining provisional identity papers, etc).

We provide a full service with regards to all procedures to be undertaken and filed. We take charge of all the administrative procedures in order to obtain the documentation required by our clients. We provide a very personalised service, in which our clients are accompanied at all times by a fluent English speaker if necessary and all the process is dealt with by fully qualified lawyers. We believe this differentiates our services from those of our competitors.

Teuten Abogados is characterised by its personalised and professional service. Our objective is to obtain the best result in accordance with the needs and requirements of our clients, and in addition to generate a direct and permanent relationship with our clients. Our aim is always to prioritise the interests and needs of our clients, offering at all times a personal service, with highly qualified professionals, taking personal charge of their maters, providing the client with a direct line of communication with the professional in charge of their case, so that the client receives a prompt response and a solution to their problem or question. Importantly we keep the clients constantly advised on the status of their application.

In addition, we should highlight that our firm provides advice to clients in other areas of law, such as those related to Family Law, Employment Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law and Tax Law.


Teuten Abogados is a firm of lawyers and notaries, which specialises in legal advice to both national and foreign companies and also to national and foreign individuals.


Qualified as a Solicitor in England & Wales (1987), having previously graduated from Nottingham University with a BA in Law (1983). He moved to Uruguay in 1990 and re-qualified as a lawyer in Uruguay in 2004, having studied law at the Universidad de la República.

He is the only lawyer in Uruguay to be dually qualified in the UK and Uruguay, which puts him in a unique position to be able to understand the Uruguayan needs and requirements of foreign clients and also those of Uruguayan clients with a need for foreign legal advice.

He has experience as a university lecturer, having been a lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the Design Faculty of the Universidad de la Empresa in Montevideo (2009-2012).

He is a member of the Law Society for England and Wales and of the Colegio de Abogados del Uruguay.

Practice areas: Advice and assistance in relation to Immigration law and related areas, purchase and sale of real estate. Civil and commercial law, including litigation.
Languages: English and Spanish.
Email: mteuten@teutenabogados.com


Qualified from the Universidad de la República (1986).

He has wide experience as an advisor in civil law matters, with more than 30 years of experience acting in areas of real estate law and transactions regarding urban and rural properties.

In addition he has experience in commercial law, specialising in the formation of companies, their administration, evaluating and creating investment projects, advising on use of Uruguay’s duty free zones, and also in the area of projects for low cost housing.

He has acted as a Mediator, having studied to be a specialist in the area of Mediation and Arbitration at the Centro de Mediación y Arbitraje of the Asociación de Escribanos del Uruguay (1998) and at the Fundación Libra in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1998).

He is a member of the Asociación de Escribanos del Uruguay and the Centro de Conciliación y Arbitraje of the Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce.

Practice areas: Urban and Rural real estate advice and transactions, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Mediation and Arbitration.

Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.


She qualified as a lawyer from the Universidad de la República (2007) and also has a Masters in Commercial Law from the Universidad de Montevideo (2015).

She has wide experience in advising companies and individuals in relation to Immigration matters, formalities regarding temporary or permanent residence, work permits (provisional identity papers). She is fluent in English and as such deals directly and personally with non-Spanish speaking clients.

In addition she has experience in banking and commercial law, having been for many years part of the legal department of Lloyds TSB Bank plc.

She is a member of the Colegio de Abogados del Uruguay.

Practice Areas: Advice in all Immigration matters, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Employment Law & Family Law.

Languages: Spanish and English
Email: mvangulo@teutenabogados.com


She qualified as a lawyer from the Universidad de la República (1992).

She has ample experience in areas of civil law, commercial law, employment law, family law, and in mediation and arbitration. She qualified as a specialist in Mediation at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay (2015).

She is a member of the Colegio de Abogados del Uruguay.

Practice areas: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Employment Law, Mediation and Arbitration.

Languages: Spanish & English.
Email: mcampiotti@teutenabogados.com



Qualified as a lawyer from the Universidad de la República (2005). She specializes in commercial law, qualifying from the Universidad de la República in this area in 2015 and is currently doing a Masters in Commercial Law at the same university. She also lectures in Commercial Law and Banking Law at the Law Faculty of the Universidad de la República. She is an assistant lecturer at the Institute of Commercial Law of the Universidad de la República.

She has published several articles on Commercial and Insolvency Law.

She is very experienced in dealing with all aspects of commercial law, particularly insolvency, the acquisition of companies and in providing general business advice.

She is a member of the Colegio de Abogados del Uruguay, the Institute of Commercial Law and the Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Concursal.

Languages: Spanish & English.
Email: mail@teutenabogados.com


Qualified as a Public Accountant from the Universidad de la República (2000). He is a founding partner of the firm Estudio Linksur in 2001, which has offices in Uruguay & Spain (Barcelona). His firm specializes in advising businesses and individuals in all aspects affecting their tax and accounting affairs in Uruguay. He is an expert in advising clients on asset protection and the creation of the most appropriate legal structures for their particular situation. His firm prides itself on offering a high level of both professional and personalized service.

Languages: Spanish and English.
Contact: Linksur.com.uy
Email: mail@teutenabogados.com


She has a wealth of experience in all aspects of relocation and advising foreigners about moving to Uruguay, providing them with a wide range of services, including advice on real estate transactions – whether rentals or purchases, including taking clients personally to see properties, finding schools and/or universities for their children, amongst others. Her service is highly personalized both for businesses and individuals, in order to facilitate all aspects of their move to Uruguay.

Contact: Relocationsuruguay.com
Email: nora@relocationsuruguay.com


We provide advice and assistance in a personal form, providing direct assistance to our clients throughout any applications they have to file with the authorities, including the following:

- Advice in relation to all aspects of immigration and related areas.
- Applications for permanent residence before the Immigration Office.
- Applications for permanent residence from Mercosur countries before the Foreign Office.
- Applications for temporary residence before the Immigration Office.
- Applications for temporary residence from Mercosur countries before the Immigration Office.
- Applications for extensions of temporary residence before the Immigration Office.
- Applications for provisional identity papers before the Immigration Office.
- Applications for permits allowing minors to travel abroad.
- Applications for extensions of tourist visas.
- Advice on how to apply for legal citizenship.
- Applying for legal citizenship.
- Advice as regards Law No. 16.340.
- Obtaining Uruguayan I.D. cards and driving licences.
- In addition we have external consultants who assist in matters regarding relocation – International removals, importing household goods and other belongings to Uruguay, finding accomodation, schools, medical care, etc.

- Advice in relation to the acquisition of urban or rural property.
- Transaction work for the purchase or sale of real estate.
- Advice in matters of urban or rural leases.
- Drafting, reviewing and checking of lease contracts for properties and real estate contracts of any kind.

Two of our members have qualifications and experience in the area of mediation and arbitration. This is an area which has not been used much to date in Uruguay, but gradually is becoming more frequent as a means of resolving civil, family and employment disputes. Our firm offers advice in all these areas. Nowadays even standard form contracts used by Uruguayan lawyers contain an obligatory mediation and arbitration clause.

The firm has a team of lawyers with ample experience in representing both companies and individuals in Labour law matters. Our services include:

- Drafting, revising and reviewing employment contracts
- Advising in relation to employment obligations.
- Representing clients before the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in conciliation hearings, and also in reaching voluntary agreements or at any other stage required by the client.
- Representing clients in employment law disputes before the courts.
- Dealing with formalities before the various state bodies involved, such as the Banco de Previsión Social and Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social and the Banco de Seguros del Estado, as regards incorporating employees to the list of employees or removing them on termination.
- Dealing with formalities to create and /or close sole traderships, including payment of the necessary taxes and contributions.

In the area of Family law the firm advises clients in relation to the following matters, amongst others:

- Divorces.
- Probate proceedings.
- Wills.
- Custody.
- Visiting rights.
- Travel permits.
- Maintenance payments.
- Pre-nuptial agreements.
- Marriage settlements.
- Judicial recognition of cohabitation unions.
- Registration of cohabitation unions made abroad before the Registro Nacional de Actos Personales. - Separation agreements.
- Domestic violence.
- Procedures to have a person declared as incapable.
- Adoptions.

Our firm provides advice in the following areas:

- Contractual and non-contractual (tort) responsibility
- Actions for damages
- Drafting, reviewing and revising civil and commercial contracts in general.
- Advice in relation to urban and rural rentals, modifications to such and rescission agreements.
- Legal proceedings to remove occupants of property.
- Proceedings to enforce mortgages and charges.
- Executive actions of all kinds, including actions for bills of exchange and tax proceedings.
- Insolvency proceedings
- Advice on company formation and procedures.
- Advice and review of documents for banking transactions
- Legal and notarial advice regarding obtaining bank loans
- Advice on banking contracts
- Asset recovery
- Leasing contracts
- Legal representation in the respective courts for all of the above.

Our firm has a Notarial Department which offers the following services:

- Notarial advice regarding the purchase of urban or rural real estate and cars.
- Public deeds for the sale and purchase of property.
- Purchase and sale of cars.
- Review of title documents for real estate and cars.
- Drafting and signing of General and Specific Powers of Attorney.
- Letters of Authorisation.
- Pre-nuptial agreements.
- Mortgage deeds and deeds to cancel such.
- Contracts to create legal charges and to cancel such.
- Notarial advice regarding the formation of limited companies, limited liability partnerships, non-profit associations and foundations. Drafting statutes and carrying out the necessary formalities to register these organisations.
- Notarial certification of signatures for any kind of paperwork or procedure which require a notarial certificate.

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